an artist residency in motherhood
work in progress


Because of the corona virus my art school
has closed the doors to our studios a week ago.
At the same time I can't take my 1.5 year old
son to the day care nor to the grandparents
anymore. So I am at home with my family and try
to organize the new situation. I'm currently
more into care work, than being productive in
art. How can we be creative in everyday life?
How can we organize our family? What is
really important? How can I support my family,
friends, the neighbours, the community? How can
I be active in our society? I'd like to use the
current situation to bring care work, the
creativity of everyday life, and my artistic
practice together and don't see it as separate
things anymore.

I will use the nap times to write down my
thoughts and I will use the nights I still have energy left to bring my feelings and observations out of my mind and use all the materials I have at home.

Let‘s see.

Zürich, March 2020
inspired by Lenka Clayton